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Stack Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine S4

Stack Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine S4

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Buy SARMS Stack Ostarine, Cardarine and Andarine S4

For lean muscle mass and cutting

Ostarine is most commonly used by both men and women who want to rapidly increase their muscle mass quickly and without gaining excess fat. As for muscle building, Ostarine is a SARM that exhibits quite similar effects to those that can be expected from testosterone. Combined with Cardarine and Andarine S4 for pure muscle mass without any fat accumulation. Cardarine sharply increases the body’s endurance and potential to burn fat. You will feel more energetic and more willing to do physical activities. Cardarine will make you always ready for training and reduces fatigue. The reason why Cardarine is a popular SARM, is its unique feature to help selectively melt the fat around the waist and the abdomen.

While the Andarine S4 It resembles the effect of Anavar and Stanozolol, it delivers firmness and fullness to the muscles it increases strength and pure muscle mass. Its most unique property is that it can minimise lipoprotein lipase – an enzyme that causes fat accumulation. This means that with Andarine the fat will not stick as easy. In addition, Andarine S4 also supports and even increases muscle mass in a diet rich in calories. It improves the “aesthetic” appearance of the muscle with minimal or no water retention. You will be able to achieve amazing results without the use of anabolic steroids.

Recommended Dosage

SARMS Ostarine MK2866

Has long active life of 24+ hours, meaning that taking Ostarine once a day will be enough. It is Recommended to be taken in the morning 

  • To increase muscle mass – 15 to 45mg a day for 6-10 weeks
  • To increase muscle mass for women – 15 to 30mg a day for 6-8 weeks
  • For fat burning – 15 to 30mg for a period of 4-6 weeks (will help maintain muscle mass in a low calorie diet)

SARMS Cardarine GW501516

Studies have shown that the effect of GW501516 is felt at 10mg, with more noticeable benefits from burning fat, which manifests above 20mg per day.

The effect of Cardarine (Endurabol) lasts for about 16-24 hours, which means that once daily intake is sufficient and peak efficacy is felt from 1 to 3 hours after administration in the morning.

For athletes who train twice, it is more optimal to take 10mg 2 times a day to an hour before training.

SARMS Andarine S4

The recommended dose is 30 to 45 mg daily for 8 weeks. Doses can be divided into 3 doses per day due to the short half-life of Andarine S4 from 4 to 6 hours. 

To avoid the well know side effect with the night vision reduction, its is recommended to take 1-2 days off in a week, meaning that 5-6 days can be taking the Andarine s4 per calendar week.

If the night vision adjusting problem happens before the rest day, just take a break from Andarine S4 for 24 hours and will be back to normal.

It is desirable to have the intake on an empty stomach for better absorption.

 This is the perfect combination for lean muscle mass and cutting


We test every individual product batch in an independent European lab. Testing is mainly done for financial reasons and customer safety.

In other words we want to make sure we are receiving the correct raw materials and you are paying for the actual SARM product listed on our website.

Please find enclosed the following tests:

●     Cardarine GW-501516

●     Ostarine MK-2866

●     Stenabolic SR-9009

●     Andarine S4

●     Ibutamoren MK-677

●     Ligandrol LGD-4033

●     S23

●     Testolone RAD-140

●     YK11

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