Professional athletes doing SARMs cycle - Ultimate Guide 2021

Do you want to win and be 95% stronger and faster than your opponent? 

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If there was something that could help you break your personal records for less than 10 days...would you try it? 

The road to success in sports is long and hard, but those who have reached the top have always had secrets. Exactly those secrets have helped them achieve success faster than you! 

Now, you are going to find out about one of the secret weapons that top athletes use. A weapon that will help you achieve the desired results in your sport discipline faster... a weapon called SARM.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are the new weapon that professional athletes use nowadays, and here is why...

What does a short SARM cycle give you? 

SARMs have a huge therapeutic application. You can learn more about what are SARMs here. 

Simply put, the SARM cycle interacts with the androgen receptors in the muscle tissue and bone structure. SARMs, just like steroids, stimulate muscle growth, improve metabolism, and take care of your joints and bones effectively.  

Main advantages from a SARM cycle 

Most people who use SARM products do it because of the effect they have on muscle mass growth and fat burn. As an athlete, however, the benefits you can get from SARMs are a lot more. Let’s have a look: 

  • SARMS Prevent Injuries
Bone is actually a dynamic organ. The constant processes of bone remodelling support normal bone mass and strength.   



The SARM cycle focuses on new bone mass production while degrading the old one. 





This means tougher bones and stronger joints. The chance of injuries is almost 0% and the injuries you already have, start a fast recovery cycle, regulated by SARMs. 

  • SARMs increase strength and muscle mass 

In martial arts, it is important not only how big your muscles are but also how you use them.

SARMs ensure fast motion and joint plasticity. 

The SARM cycle increases the endurance of type 1 muscle fibers and the explosiveness and strength of type 2 muscle fibers. 

This means if you are a boxer, you will last more rounds. If you are a marathon runner, you will run longer without feeling tired, and if you are a sprinter, you will run faster. 

  • SARMs improve your condition 

The SARM cycle helps your muscles adapt better, use less oxygen, and be more enduring when practicing physical activity. 

You will be able to do heavier training without using a lot of energy. Put differently, you will gain superhuman endurance. 

If this interests you, we bet you will continue reading to find out about your favourite top athletes who were caught using SARMs! 

TOP 3 athletes who have done SARMs cycle 

We will give you short examples of athletes who have used SARM. You will also get information about what they took and what the positive effects were. 

Jarrell Miller - Cardarine GW501516; doping sample 2019 

Jarrell is a heavyweight boxer and the opponent of Anthony Joshua for the title in 2019. Jarrell was caught doing a cycle with SARM Cardarine, so he could control his weight, burn fat, and gain extreme endurance and explosiveness.  

Why did Miller use Cardarine GW501516? 

Surely, his condition wasn't so good during his preparation for the match against Joshua, who is always in good shape. We can admit that Miller has a heavy hand and might hit hard, but he is heavy and lubberly. He gets out of breath fast and gets tired easily. This is the reason why he used Cardarine- a product that could help him fix those flaws.   

The main benefits Cardarine GW501516 brought to Jarrel Miller:

  • It improved his endurance; 
  • It increased his speed and explosiveness; 
  • It helped him lose the unwanted kilograms. 

Nate Diaz - Ligandrol LGD4033; doping sample 2019 

Nate is a UFC champion, caught using Ligandrol LGD 4033 in 2019. Ligandrol is a top SARM for gaining muscle mass and preventing injuries by strengthening the bone and muscle structure. 

Why did Nate Diaz use Ligandrol LGD 4033? 

Nate Diaz is an incredible fighter. His left hook plays a huge role in almost each one of his UFC wins. When they fought for the first time, Conor McGregor was very tired even before he got directly hit by Nate.

When Diaz’s left hook found its target, the undefeated Conor was shaken. Ligandrol brought amazing positive effects on Nate.  

The main benefits Ligandrol LGD 4033 brought to Nate Diaz:

  • It strengthened his bones and joints (decreased injuries %); 
  • It improved his punch force (increased knockout %); 
  • It improved his recovery process after a workout. 

Ricky Garard-Testolone RAD140 and Cardarine GW501516; doping sample 2017

He is a CrossFit champion for 2017, who was caught using SARM Testolone RAD140, which is an alternative to the hormone testosterone. He also used Cardarine GW501516, which is the best SARM for burning fat and turning it into an energy source. 

The main benefits RAD140 and GW501516 brought to Ricky Garard 

  • They strengthened his bones and joints (decreased injuries %); 
  • They improved his endurance; 
  • They increased his speed and explosiveness; 
  • They improved his recovery process after a workout; 
  • They increased his muscle mass. 

How to make the right choice when deciding on a SARM cycle? 

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