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Stack Cardarine, Testolone (RAD140)

Stack Cardarine, Testolone (RAD140)

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Crossfit King – The SARM Stack of Ricky Garad (3rd place in Xfit Games 2017) 

If you do intensive workouts more than once a day and drain your energy to the last drop, but you still want more... 

The SARM combination of Caradine GW 501516 and Testolone RAD 140 is the answer you are looking for!

If you are a person who gives everything in the first 45 minutes of the workout, you are going to be surprised how much more you can give. You are going to feel like the most physically prepared person on the planet! 

The strength of this SARM stack is in the combination itself. Testolone is the SARM replacement for the hormone called testosterone, but RAD 140: 

  • Is 90 times more anabolic than testosterone; 
  • Binds immediately to the androgen receptors; 

You are going to gain strength, muscle growth, improved recovery time, and amazing protein synthesis. Cardarine GW – 501516 is ‘The King of Cardio.' The other name of Cardarine is Endurobol, from the English word endurance. If we could give it a name, it would be 'Cardio in a bottle.'

Cardarine interacts with the muscle fibres from type 2, which are responsible for heavy muscle activity like sprint and weightlifting. GW – 501516 improves the functionality and speeds up the Testolone effect. Last but not least, Cardarine makes the fat tissue easily decomposable, and your body efficiently starts to use its fat as an energy source instead of the carbohydrates. 

How does it work and what are the effects of SARM Stack Cardarine and Testolone 

How does Testolone RAD – 140 work? 

 Interestingly, this testosterone SARM alternative is designed to be completely selective, which means that it affects only the muscle and bone tissue without binding to secondary organs. It only binds with certain androgen receptors; therefore, it works faster and has an anabolic effect that is 90 times higher than the one of the testosterone. It also stimulates protein synthesis, muscle growth and strength, and bone structure. 

How does Cardarine GW – 501516 work? 

GW – 501516 helps the development of type 2 muscle fibres, which are necessary for heavy training sessions. Ebdurobol increases the levels of endurance by increasing the oxygen and blood flow to the muscle fibres. This process improves the type 1 muscle fibres, which are responsible for the levels of muscle endurance during longer physical activities. GW – 501516 or Cardarine changes the body's focus from carbohydrates to fatty acids. Simply put, Endurobol helps the body absorb the fat easier and turns it into the preferred energy source. 

 You can find more information about the individual products from this STACK here, but the best way to find what you are looking for is to sign in in our LIVE SARM forum and ask your questions. 

Reviews in our ‘LIVE’ SARM Forum 

The easiest way for you to check the effects of this SARM stack is to visit out SARM forum and ask hundreds of users for their opinion and review. This way, you can find out which is the best SARM stack for you. You can also find the newest information regarding discounts and new products, which are going to be on the market soon. You can be the first one to take advantage of the limited stock.

For opinions and reviews regarding the effects of SARMs and their combinations, you can read our article about the first UK SARM FORUM, or you can directly VISIT IT. 

Dosage of combo Cardarine and Testolone for ultimate result

If your goal is to achieve the best results with this SARM stack, it is important to stick to the dosage and cycle length we are going to recommend. 

Our recommendation is based on daily customers’ reviews. 

The best dosage period of this SARM is 6 weeks (with few exceptions). 6 weeks is enough time for you to see satisfying results and prevent the receptors from overloading while keeping the maximum effect from the products. The dosage of each product: 

Testolone RAD – 140 – 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening, 15 minutes before or 1 hour after eating. Testolone has a long half-life between 16 and 18 hours. Therefore, it must be taken twice a day. 

Cardarine GW – 501516 – 20mg, 45 – 60 min before work – out. If you train more than once a day, the dosage could be divided into 2x10mg. GW501516 could be felt the strongest 2 – 3 hours after taking, but the product itself has an 18hour half-life.  

On the days off, the dosage of Cardarine could be lowered to 10mg in the morning – 15 min before or 1 hour after eating. The dosage of Testolone RAD – 140 stays the same – 30mg (it has a huge positive influence on the recovery process) 

Post-cycle therapy

The SARM stack with Testolone and Cardarine doesn’t require post-cycle therapy. According to some customers’ reviews, RAD - 140 could decrease the levels of testosterone. The recovery takes up to 2 weeks after the SARM cycle. Some customers choose preventive therapy during or after a cycle with the following: 

Option №1  

  • Vitamin D3– between 2500 and 5000 IU per day  
  • Zinc – 30mg per day  
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin C
  • Maca
  • Folic Acid

Option №2  

  • Clomiphene - 20-40 mg  
  • Tamoxifen - 10-20mg  

 Find out more about the SARMSs post-cycle therapy and check out our offers.  


We test every individual product batch in an independent European lab. Testing is mainly done for financial reasons and customer safety.

In other words we want to make sure we are receiving the correct raw materials and you are paying for the actual SARM product listed on our website.

Please find enclosed the following tests:

●     Cardarine GW-501516

●     Ostarine MK-2866

●     Stenabolic SR-9009

●     Andarine S4

●     Ibutamoren MK-677

●     Ligandrol LGD-4033

●     S23

●     Testolone RAD-140

●     YK11

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