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Do not give money in vain, in 90% of Sarms, there is no what is written on the label!


Don't you want to be sure of the quality and origin of something you put in your body?

iMuscle tests every batch delivered before sale. We do not offer SARM with a lower content than 97% of the raw material of which it is composed.

We analyse our products in a registered laboratory on the territory of Bulgaria that meets the requirements of the European Union. We only offer genuine and genuine SARM supplements that you can buy on:

From the official iMuscle store.

Are SARMS products on the market real?

SARMs are not regulated products as they are neither nutritional supplements nor steroids and hormones, you can make your own conclusion…

Chemical analyses of 44 products marketed online as selective androgen receptor modulators revealed that only 52% contained selective androgen receptor modulators and another 39% contained another unapproved drug.

In addition, 25% of products contain non-labeled substances, 9% contain no active substance and 59% contain non-labeled substances.

Many stores (mostly in UK) declare different origins of their SARM products and for this reason you see the common '' inspiring '' inscriptions:


The truth is that 95% of all pharmaceutical (including raw materials needed to produce true SARM) production is actually made, that is, synthesised and acquired in Asia.

Yes… Just because it is economically viable as there is more production capacity, equipment, and technical knowledge.

The next step the SARM goes through is the so-called '' MADE IN '' process of tableting, encapsulation, blistering, packaging and more.

These processes are final, and this allows the retailer to claim that the original product was made at the appropriate location. But the truth is, it's just packed there.

In the next section, we will look at unfair trading practices that SARMs sellers use and how you can prevent them.

Unfair practices of SARM stores in UK and Europe

The raw material for making genuine SARMs supplements with a minimum content of 97% is not cheap and there are no huge quantities of it in production.

On the other hand, there is a huge demand which leads to 2 things:

  1. Dilution of SARM raw material by suppliers as they do not have enough to meet market needs.
  2. Less raw material or the use of completely other illicit substances for the 'original' product, which by the name of the label is SARM, but is not really…

Keep in mind that process number 1 is made by the SUPPLIER and process number 2 is from the SARM store. After all, you will be lucky if what you get is at least 25% of what you think you paid …

imuscle 3rd party testing cardarine

How to choose a SARM store in UK and Europe

The easiest way is to purchase a product and test it's contents in an independent lab. However, it does cost you:

  • Money to buy the product
  • Money for product research
  • Lost time

Our products are tested by the manufacturer and Certificate of Analysis is being provided. The lowest purity percentage for our products it's 97% purity of the active ingredient.  

  • Cardarine Test
  • Ostarine Test
  • Ibutamoren Test
  • Ligandrol Test
  • Andarin Test
  • Testolon Test
  • YK11 Test

A lot of SARMS users have been "burned" by the poor quality of "sarms products" with no results and money gone down the drain. 

For this reason and also to provide peace of mind to the users buying SARMS from iMuscle . Every single batch has been tested before being sold in order to maintain our good reputation as a store that only offers quality and genuine SARM supplements.

That's why I advise you when you make your choice of SARMs, always look for a TEST for the composition of the product that is certified and stamped by the institution concerned.

Then made sure that this institution existed. You can do this easily and quickly with one google search.

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